But I soon realized, through engaging with the poems themselves, that the series has much more to do with the speaker’s self-discovery through grief than with preservation. How the speaker grapples with her own guilt, and with fallibility of memory itself. The poems did not want to engage in static preservation, but with dynamic exploration.

From A to Z: An Interview with Josh Medsker on His Encyclopedia-Inspired Project

His scrubby beard is full of charmed secrets, black-rimmed glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose, and the best part of all, a white hamster sits perched atop his shoulder, posing for the pic.

It is not the time to be bashful or equivocating in writing. I don’t use the poetry to escape from politics, absolutely not. It’s the opposite. In my life and writing, I’ve tried to stand up for the little guy and tell his or her story in my own way.